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Ok this is a simple process but without making a needed change your PDF file will show up in a weird manner. This FAQ is to show you how to embed a PDF file into a blog post and fix the incorrect parameter so that it looks as intended. I have tried to make these changes default in the back end without success.

Step 1: Copy the URL to the PDF you want to embed into your clipboard.


Step 2: Click the "Embed-PDF" button up top on your editor as noted in the photo below.


Step 3: A box will appear that looks like the image below and that is where you paste the URL to the PDF file you wish to display.


Step 4: You will have a second box pop up that looks like the image below. Just ignore this box and press ok which will enact the default viewer.


Step 5: You will have a code show up like below (except it will have brackets which i had to remove for purposes of this demonstration).



Step 6: You will want to change the 300 that you see above to 100% so that it looks like this.



That is all that is needed. Of course the "example.pdf" will be replaced by the URL for the PDF you are posting.