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 Recently saw a vid put out by dabhoo7 and associates regarding the "patents" on weather modification. Those patents dated back to 1929. Yes, the government has been seeding our clouds causing horrific weather changes across our nation. But asking to what purpose? You may "google" this information by putting in -cloud seeding or weather modification patents. You should be shocked by what you read there...

The question is WHY:

First, our government has been hell bent on removing huge amount of our trees their root systems kept the ground intact, which once removed the ground has nothing to cling to so in the event of rain/storms the soil washes away, while landslides can even occur eventually, and or sink holes.

Secondly, destroying our planet causing it to be unable to bear plant food to feed our people. Very important statement thus inability to survive. Stripping our mother earth world wide.

Thirdly,  the forest fires. People are losing their homes at alarming rates, some with no insurance while suffering the loss of all possessions. Another great loss to the soil is fire damage. I also blame most of these fires on the government. Do I have proof? No, but I think that thinking is in the ball park considering the rest of the information!

Fourthly, the flooding caused by our government as sited in those "patent" papers destroying all in it's path. Cars, houses, animals and our people.

Fifthly, the "fracking" industry. It is because they want our people to have poisoned waters forever.  Drinking water with oil or chemicals in it is not acceptable nor doable to survive.

Sixthly, is the spraying of chemicals on all that we are and all that we have. Again those "patents" will tell you the deadly chemicals the government been spraying for over fifty years at least.  Destroying us and any hope of growing healthy gardens for our families.

When is enough-enough! This is not your mommas nor daddies civil rights protest. It is (humanities) last chance to right a very wrong before we cease to exist nevermore...  


                                                     WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON BOY