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Author's note:  This is just a very rough draft of some of my thoughts on the world right now.  Begin rant now.


Water is life.  We all need water to survive.  The people in North Dakota are standing up for something that should be a given.  Why should any human have to fight for a basic need such as that? But, the government has gone unchecked for so long, that most aren’t even looking.  Mainstream media won’t tell you about the Water Protectors but, you hear about when Kim Kardarshian got robbed.  In the scheme of things, what do we really need to pay attention to?  Something that is essential to life or living inside a fantasy world, where those people don’t think about much outside being famous for NOTHING.

While people are busy talking about whatever tv show is the latest distraction,  the government can  get away with pretty much whatever they want. Trying to take away this land for the use of a pipeline  so that corporate oil can pollute and kill the earth is just the latest in a long list of things that have been happening.  It is not their land to take.  This country was taken from the Indians from the start.  Now the government is trying to strong arm another take over.  

These people are peacefully protecting water, land, and they are making a statement.  You are NOT going to poison our water and our land.  All so they can line their pockets with money off the suffering of everyone else. 

They say, they do it to protect us.  They say they want to help us.  But what they really want from   us to get in line and conform.  Just follow what we say, don’t think for yourself.  They poison our food.  Poison us with medications.  Poison our Mother.   


What has happened to our country?  When it has become more about making a dollar and protecting the interests of corporate America….and not those interests of the people?  When the people in power can play with the lives of everyone else and don’t give a second thought to how they are affecting those lives?   What happened to by the people for the people?  Instead these politicians in power can spend money unchecked and get away with murder.  They can take everyone else’s paycheck away….but how about we take your paycheck away WASHINGTON? 

What happened to people that live their lives with some kind of integrity and honor? The constitution was put into place to be a system  of checks  for the government….it was the peoples right to say whether they were the government that they wanted….not to be a dictator over every thing that  we do.   LIFE, LIBERTY, and Pursuit of Happiness.    If it doesn’t infringe on what other people do….what does it matter to you?

Conform, work, consume, and die huh?  And when you think we aren’t looking you can do whatever the hell you want?   You can spend hand over fist….200,000 per flight to fly wherever your important asses have to be at the moment.  But, the first thing you will say is the biggest problem is the welfare system.  Most people who get food stamps work.  Or you will cut public transportation.  What if that is the only way that some people can get to work because they can’t afford a car or can’t drive?  Or you want to cut assistance for people that need help in their homes so that they won’t have to have to end up in a hospital.  Everyone deserves  to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  EVERYONE.  Not just those who don’t have to worry about paying their bills. 

The cost of living keeps going up but, the wages don’t.  It’s just another form of slavery.  You want us to work for you, and we get pennies in return.   You wonder why we are so pissed?  You work for us.  And I refused to vote this election, because I am sick to death of what this government has  become.    I will not be silent anymore.    11-8-16


# geeeetem GG!Aaron V. Cox 2017-06-21 17:55
good write up GG..