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             Millions of Americans will be glued to the television this Sunday, February 5th, 2017, and amongst all, perhaps give some of us a break from the chaos within Trump's first year in office. Oh wait, did I say year? I mean 16 days. Same difference, apparently, as it sure does feel like it.Within his first two weeks, we have 22 executive actions signed into law, and at this rate will contend with the likes of FDR and his 573 executive the first year of his presidency [1933]. I have never been heavy into the NFL, yet as an outsider, it seems as though the public is a bit less engaged this year, perhaps due to the thick air we have come to know in the political atmosphere we are breathing - or choking on - every day. We have what is seemingly turning out the be the dictator needed to drive the last nails into the coffin of this old Republic. We have reports of the DAPL to be rescheduled to begin this year, regardless of progress all ready made in the movement against the atrocity.             In an age where we have the physical ability, but are stymied in our paradigm, we cannot seem to move ourselves, our energy grid, onto a renewable platform in balance with this system we live in. Instead, according to Donald J. Trump, in quote: "Unleash America's $50 trillion in untapped shale, oil, and natural gas reserves, plus hundreds of years in clean coal reserves." Sounds like releasing the hounds of hell onto this fragile ecosystem we are so effectively pushing to the edge of extinction. From England to America, from Chile to Brazil, From Mexico to Spain, from Australia to Bangladesh,species of all kingdoms are dying off at a rate as alarming as pole shift - and perhaps the result of.  Meanwhile, this Sunday, 1.3 billion chicken wings will be inhaled by the sheeple of the former Republic of the United States of America.             Maybe people need a moment to just distract themselves from this reality. Instead of spending our time and money on community efforts, to independent journalism & media, to local small business, to DIY projects and self sufficient ways of living.....maybe we should eat the 1.3 billion chicken wings while watching the modern gladiator games; oh, how our puppet masters are so effective in making us dance!              Just imagine if the energy you see in the stands of this game were to be directed towards the treasonous international socialism that has subverted the constitution and perverted a true understanding of what this great nation stands for. But I believe in freedom.             I just ask people to get engaged in our current state of affairs. Get active. Network with those like minded.We need to take the power back.  I mean this article in no offense to anyone who enjoys watching sports, go figure, but I have used it to prove a point, which I intended to have all ready made clear.      God bless you and and God bless the Republic of the United States of America.                                           -   Michael Connolly, TWN         SOURCES