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Lime and Lemon

against blue and white.

9 sun bathing women

laughing in the light.


red and white stripes

and plastic buckets

linen flapping in the breeze

Pewter ripples dive tight

the gulls wings a ruckus flight

muted slow mo from crashing seas

fade way to orange and pink and to purple night

the hands race across the moon silver flees

Creating an applause worthy sight


ever moving motion deep

engulfing all I see and breathe

moving my entirety

defining all that is free to me


washing in and receeding out , lulling in its arms

a steady rocking , a balance a rhythm

promising safety from all harm,

in an instant turns to boiling black

and enemies come in swarms

The bashing wave no cease attack

no sound to sound alarms

~TrapWolf 2011