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Some days everything is golden and others the mutest shade

of pale..

The same life that breathes is the same that takes the breath

and the tear of joy as crystal as the tear of sorrow..

everything in balance is not always seen, but the beauty

nevertheless still there.

No one can fathom existence without end..

or end to an existence..

yet here we are confronted with the unfathomable nearly


We cling tight to one another, and we often run full sprint


But we all are here for this time, and all unknowingly to

continue the journey elsewhere.

And all we

currently remember fully is this here and now,

although in our depths

the dust of the stars

stirs within.
Aug 2011~TrapWolf


+1 # AwesomeTheWatchman 2016-08-16 14:24
I like that. It says a lot.
+1 # SuperpixieQuark 2016-08-16 16:31
simply loverly Trap-you've a great mind-mad respect-don't stop now...looking forward to more prose