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she fills herself up
like a sinking boat
with promises of love
that only last a short while
and then she finds she's herself
in the same vicious
kansas tornado
and an endless loop of anthem songs
she doesn't quite believe

Put me back together
she screams and cries
silent and anguished tears
fill me in
red, blue, yellow
colors of a New Hampshire sunset
but she's incinerated all
the bridges to her almost happy ending

Don't tell me the same
bullshit lies
I can't take it anymore
can't let you hold the key
to the darkest parts of me
you've cut me down to the
marrow and sucked the good will outta me
you've run the mary sunshine outta me
wasted all your chances at redemption

It's not that I don't love you
I'm in survivor mode
show me
show me
show me
a silent prayer to a god
I am not sure even cares anymore
it has to be different for me to know
that the blood as been staunched
the heart sewn up and beating
unconditional love the air I need

Chip away from the armor
fill me in
red, blue, yellow
write a different ending to
the love song
make yourself the star
and walk alone for a while
and color in the missing pieces
with finger paint
learn how to be powerful
without looking in the mirror of
someone else

Wheels stop spinning
dreams have color
no more broken dreams
glittering shards
like an accusation on the floor
and you'll wear your cape again
why can't you see too?