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its all in blips, I will recall.

the colors sick....herds of robotic /flesh animals greens and browns hanging low their heads covered in feces and stench...
mud and blood...
the herds carried their masters not in any better shape than themselves..
famine hung on them visibly...flies clung to wounds...

masses were moving ..I could see for an instant a map...and could see them traveling across it very tiny...they were crossing a huge plain...heading for the west

it was the end..

another blip...Huge black marbled building..with hatches and levers...cranks, and metal shutters

black ..and person waved a hand...millions moved.

their faces were not human, nor their sense of being..this you could feel.

drenched in a putrid light that stunk...there was no real light left here.

Misery, decay, hopelessness...we were a slave species, a dyeing breed.

there was a yellow swirling dust..and every one had face masks and filters so old they looked a part of themselves,
you could see only a hazey glow in the direction a sun should have been,
and so it cast an eeriness to the entire land

Trapwolf 2010.